Best Mens Dress Shirt Collar Stays

The best dress shirt collar stays will help to keep your shirt looking crisp and neat all day long. They are easy to use and can be quickly removed when you need to wash your shirt. There are a variety of different materials that collar stays can be made from, including plastic, metal, and even wood.

You can find collar stays in a variety of sizes, so it is important to choose the ones that will fit your shirt perfectly.

There are a lot of different factors that go into finding the best dress shirt collar stays. However, some men don’t even know that these little things exist! Collar stays are small strips of stiff material that help to keep your shirt collar looking sharp and neat.

They come in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and even bone. The most important factor in finding the best dress shirt collar stays is making sure they fit well. If they’re too big or too small, they won’t do their job properly.

It’s also important to find stays that are made from a durable material so you can use them over and over again without having to replace them frequently. Once you’ve found the perfect fit and material, it’s time to choose a style. Some men prefer simple plastic stays while others like more decorative options made from metal or bone.

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Best Mens Dress Shirt Collar Stays


Are Magnetic Collar Stays Worth It?

If you’re looking for a way to keep your collars crisp and sharp, you may be considering magnetic collar stays. But are they worth the investment? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of magnetic collar stays:

Pros: – They’re easy to use – just pop them in place and they’ll stay put. – They’re strong and won’t budge, even if you’re wearing a sweater or jacket over your shirt.

– They don’t add any bulk to your shirt, unlike metal collar stays. – They won’t set off metal detectors (handy if you travel often). – You can find them in different sizes to fit any shirt collar.

Cons: – Some people find them difficult to remove from the shirt (although this is getting better with newer designs). – They can be more expensive than traditional metal collar stays.

How Do I Get My Collar to Stay in Place?

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How Long Should Your Collar Stays Be?

Collar stays are an essential component of a well-dressed man’s wardrobe. They not only add structure and support to your collars, but they also lend a touch of sophistication. But how long should your collar stays be?

The answer may surprise you – there is no definitive answer. It really depends on the style of shirt you’re wearing and the look you’re going for. If you’re wearing a traditional dress shirt with a button-down collar, your collar stays should be just long enough to peep out from under the collar (but not so long that they’re visible from the front).

This will give your shirt just the right amount of structure and support. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more modern look with a spread or cutaway collar, you can experiment with longer collar stays. Just make sure that they’re not so long that they stick out awkwardly or become uncomfortable.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what looks best and feels most comfortable. So experiment with different lengths until you find the perfect pair ofcollar stays for your style!

What is the Standard Size of a Collar Stay?

A collar stay is a small strip of stiff material, usually plastic or metal, that is inserted into the collar of a dress shirt to keep the collar stiff and in place. The standard size of a collar stay is 2.5 inches long by 0.75 inches wide.

Shirt Stays & Collar Stays Guide

Metal Collar Stays

Most people are familiar with the traditional plastic or bone collar stays that come in a shirt. However, there is another option when it comes to these essential shirt accessories – metal collar stays. Metal collar stays have many benefits over their plastic or bone counterparts.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using metal collar stays in your shirts: 1. They provide a more secure hold. Plastic or bone collar stays can slip out of place, especially if you move around a lot during the day.

Metal collar stays will stay firmly in place, no matter what. 2. They help keep your collars looking crisp and sharp. If you want your collars to look their best, metalcollar stays are the way to go.

They will help keep your collars from curling or losing their shape over time. 3. They last longer than other types of collar stays . With proper care, metalcollar stays can last for years – much longer than plastic or bone ones.

Metal Vs Plastic Collar Stays

Collar stays are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. They help to keep your shirt collar in place and looking sharp. But what is the best material for collar stays?

Metal or plastic? There are pros and cons to both materials. Metal collar stays are more durable and will last longer.

They also have a more luxurious feel. However, they can be less comfortable and can sometimes cause irritation when wearing them all day. Plastic collar stays are more affordable and they are also lighter weight and softer, making them more comfortable to wear.

However, they don’t always stay in place as well as metal ones and can break more easily. So, which is the better choice? It really depends on your own personal preferences.

If you want something that is going to last longer and has a luxurious feel, then go with metal collar stays. If you’re on a budget or you prefer a softer, more comfortable option, then plastic might be the way to go.

Men’S Collar Stays

A collar stay is a small strip of metal or plastic that is inserted into the collar of a dress shirt to stiffen it and keep it in place. The stays help to ensure that the shirt looks crisp and neat, even after hours of wear. They also prevent the collar from curling up or otherwise becoming misshapen.

Collar stays come in a variety of sizes and materials. The most common size is 2.5 inches long, but some stays are as short as 1 inch or as long as 4 inches. Collar stays can be made from metal, plastic, bone, horn, or mother-of-pearl.

Most dress shirts come with removable collar stays, so that they can be washed along with the shirt. Some shirt collars have built-in stays that cannot be removed; these are often found on higher-end shirts. If you lose a collar stay or if your shirt does not come with any, you can easily make your own out of thin cardboard (such as an index card) or stiff paper (such as business cardstock).

Simply cut a strip to the desired length and width, then insert it into the collar stay pocket (usually located underneath thecollar point).

Magnetic Collar Stays

If you’re looking for a way to keep your shirt collar looking sharp, you may want to consider using magnetic collar stays. Collar stays are small strips of metal (usually stainless steel) that are inserted into the corners of your shirt collar to help keep it stiff and in place. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be found at most men’s clothing stores.

Magnetic collar stays are a great option if you’re tired of fiddling with traditional metal collar stays. They’re easy to use – simply attach the magnet to the inside of your shirt collar and voila! – no more wrinkled or sagging collars.

And because they’re magnets, they’ll stay securely in place all day long, even if you take your shirt off and on throughout the day. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional metal collar stays, magnetic collar stays are a great option!

Collar Stays for Shirts Without Slots

Collar stays are an essential part of a well-dressed man’s wardrobe. They keep your collar from getting wrinkled and give your shirt a more polished look. But what do you do if your shirt doesn’t have collar stay slots?

There are a few different options forcollar stays without slots. You can buy adhesive collar stays, which stick to the inside of your shirt collar. You can also use small pins to secure the stays in place.

Or, you can make your own DIY collar stays out of cardboard or stiff paper. Adhesive collar stays are the easiest option, but they can be tricky to get right. The key is to make sure that the adhesive is strong enough to hold the stay in place, but not so strong that it leaves a sticky residue on your shirt.

If you’re using pins, be careful not to puncture the fabric of your shirt. And if you’re making your own DIY collar stays, be sure to cut them just slightly smaller than the width of your collars so they don’t peek out from under your shirtsleeves. With a little bit of effort, you can keep your dress shirts looking sharp – even without traditional collar stay slots!

Brass Collar Stays

Most men’s dress shirts come with little plastic or metal inserts that are meant to help keep the collar of the shirt stiff and in place. But let’s be honest, they never really seem to do the trick. And they’re always getting lost!

A much better solution is to invest in some quality brass collar stays. Brass collar stays are essentially just thin pieces of brass that you slip into the collars of your dress shirts. They will help keep your collars looking sharp and crisp all day long – no more wrinkled or droopy collars!

And best of all, they won’t fall out like those pesky plastic ones. There are a few different places you can buy brass collar stays. You can find them online, or at most any store that sells men’s dress shirts.

They come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to get the right size for your shirt Collar Stays . Most importantly, make sure you get Brass Collar Stays – they’re definitely worth the extra money!


Looking sharp in a dress shirt is important for making a good impression, whether you’re at work or out on the town. The key to a well-pressed shirt is using collar stays, and we’ve got the best ones for the job. Collar stays are small metal or plastic strips that insert into the corners of your shirt collar to help keep it stiff and in place.

They come in different sizes and materials, so you can find the perfect pair for your shirt. We’ve rounded up the best collar stays on the market, from basic plastic options to more premium metal choices. Whether you’re looking for something affordable or want to splurge on a nicer pair, we’ve got you covered.

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